Retract Mirror Kit Spion Lipat Otomatis All New Terios 2019




Enhance Your Retract Mirror Kit Spion Lipat Otomatis All New Terios 2019 Switch Single

Upgrade your driving experience with the Retract Mirror Kit Spion Lipat Otomatis All New Terios. The motor retract, an original Toyota product, comes with a 1-year warranty, ensuring reliability and peace of mind for your investment.

Seamless Spion Control with Original Toyota Motor Retract

Experience the convenience of controlling the opening and closing of your Toyota All New Terios X 2019’s spion with the original Toyota Motor Retract. This innovative feature allows you to electrically fold and unfold your side mirrors at the touch of a button.

With the additional module included in this package, your Terios spion can automatically fold when locking the doors using your car’s built-in remote. This advanced functionality adds an extra layer of convenience to your daily driving routine.

Ensure Safety and Ease of Parking

Once the retract is installed, concerns about spion breakage due to motor collisions become a thing of the past. Enjoy a sense of security when parking your car on the roadside, knowing that your side mirrors are protected. Say goodbye to the hassle of manually folding your spion when navigating through narrow streets.

Comprehensive Package for Effortless Installation

The package includes everything you need for a hassle-free installation:
– 2 Pcs Motor Lipat + Briket (L & R)
– Kabel Set (1 Pcs Kabel Panjang & 2 Pcs Kabel Motor)
– Modul otomatis lipat
– Tombol (Switch) model single untuk pemasangan di dashboard

Key Features of the Retract Khusus Mobil Toyota All New Terios X 2019:

– Tidak Potong Kabel: No need to cut wires during installation.
– Tidak Mudah Patah Kalau Tersenggol: Resistant to breakage if accidentally bumped.
– Tidak Bor: No drilling required for installation.
– Tidak Modifikasi: No modifications needed for your car.
– Tidak Rusak Bawaan Asli Mobil: Preserves the original features of your car.
– Plug and Play: Easy and straightforward installation.
– Soket to Soket: Ensures a seamless connection without complications.

Upgrade your Terios X 2019 with the Retract Khusus Mobil Toyota and enjoy the benefits of advanced spion control, enhanced safety, and stress-free parking. Elevate your driving experience with this plug-and-play solution that preserves the integrity of your vehicle.

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