Android Head Unit 2/32GB 10 Inch Camera 360


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Enhance Your Multimedia Experience with ASM’s Android Head Unit 10 Inch Camera 360

Revolutionize Your Driving Experience with ASM’s 2/32 10 Inch Android Head Unit

Upgrade your car’s multimedia experience with the ASM 2/32 10 Inch Android Head Unit featuring a Built-in Camera 360. Most cars come with their built-in head unit, but they often lack the features users want. That’s why more car enthusiasts, especially younger drivers, are switching to Android-based head units.

Keeping Up with the Trend: Wanting More Features and Options

The reason behind this trend is a desire for more features and customization. Android-based head units offer a versatile platform, letting users personalize their in-car entertainment and navigation systems. This trend is growing as users look for a more connected and interactive experience while driving.

Improved Safety and Convenience with Camera 360

A significant feature contributing to the popularity of Android head units is the inclusion of a Camera 360. This advanced feature uses four cameras to capture a complete view of the surroundings, enhancing safety and convenience during parking or maneuvering. The 360-degree view minimizes blind spots, providing drivers with a comprehensive perspective around their car.

Meet ASM’s Latest Innovation: ASM1681004 2/32 10 Inch Android Head Unit

Introducing ASM’s newest product, the ASM1681004 2+32 10-inch Android Head Unit with a Built-in Camera 360. This cutting-edge head unit offers many features at an affordable price. Let’s look at its specifications:

  • Built-in Camera 360
  • T5 Quad-Core tex-A53
  • 10 Inch Display
  • Android 11
  • RAM 2GB/ROM 32GB
  • IPS Screen 2.5D
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Apple Carplay and Android Auto
  • Exclude Frame

Impressive Performance and Vibrant Display

These specifications highlight the head unit’s powerful performance, ensuring a seamless and responsive user experience. The 10-inch display with IPS technology delivers vibrant visuals, making it an ideal companion for your car entertainment needs.

Seamless Connectivity with Notable Features

Notable features include Bluetooth 4.0 for wireless connectivity and compatibility with both Apple Carplay and Android Auto. This means you can seamlessly integrate your smartphone with the head unit, accessing navigation, music, and other apps directly from the unit’s display.

Affordability Meets Advanced Technology

What sets the ASM1681004 apart is not just its technical specifications but also its affordability. ASM is committed to providing a feature-rich head unit at a reasonable price, making advanced in-car technology accessible to a broader audience.

Upgrade Your Driving Experience

Enhance your driving experience with the ASM 2/32 10 Inch Android Head Unit, enjoying a comprehensive entertainment and navigation system tailored to your preferences. With the Built-in Camera 360, safety and convenience are at your fingertips. Take the first step toward a connected and enjoyable journey on the road


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