Retract Mirror Spion Lipat Otomatis Mobilio




Enhance Your Car With Retract Mirror Spion Lipat Otomatis Mobilio

The Retract Kit Advantage

Upgrade yourRetract Mirror Spion Lipat Otomatis Mobilio with the exclusive Retract Kit, including a module and a single switch. Backed by a one-year warranty, this kit ensures advanced features without the need for extensive modifications, providing convenience and preserving the originality of your car.

Innovative Components for Seamless Integration

The Retract Kit package is comprehensive, comprising:
– 2 pcs folding motors + brackets designed specifically for Mobilio side mirrors (Left & Right).
– Cable set, including 1 long cable and 2 short motor cables.
– Advanced Module Single for automatic functionality.
– Single-switch button tailored for Honda Mobilio use.

Hassle-Free Installation with Guaranteed Integrity

The installation process has been designed to be user-friendly and non-intrusive, removing the requirement for sanding, gluing, drilling, cable cutting, or any modifications that could potentially harm the original mirrors of your Honda Mobilio. This plug-and-play solution ensures that your mirrors can be folded electrically, introducing advanced functionality to your vehicle.

Automatic Folding for Added Convenience

With the Retractable Mirror Kit, your Honda Mobilio’s mirrors can be effortlessly folded electrically. Simply press the retract button on the single switch provided, and the mirrors will automatically fold when the car is locked using the built-in remote. Moreover, they will automatically unfold when the engine is started, enhancing your overall driving experience.

Warranty for Peace of Mind

Drive confidently, assured that your investment is shielded by a one-year warranty. Additionally, not only is convenience added by this Retract Mirror Kit Spion Lipat Otomatis Mobilio, but durability and performance are also guaranteed. This ensures a dependable and enduring solution for your Honda Mobilio.

Furthermore, your daily drives are transformed with the Retract Kit, offering innovative features. Simultaneously, it preserves the integrity of your car’s original design. Elevate your Honda Mobilio experience with this advanced solution, seamlessly merging ease of use, reliability, and cutting-edge technology.

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