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Convenience Redefined Automatic Tail Electric Power Back Door Pintu Bagasi Otomatis New Xpander Electric Tailgate

In the fast-paced world of today, convenience is key, especially when it comes to your vehicle. Introducing our Automatic Power Back Door Pintu Bagasi Otomatis New Xpander Electric Tailgate, an innovative feature designed specifically for All Mitsubishi New Xpander. This advanced feature takes the hassle out of opening your rear trunk, providing a seamless experience with just a touch of a button or using your car’s built-in remote.

Outstanding Features of the Automatic Tail Electric Lift Gate

1. Safety First:
Your safety is our top priority! Our lift gate comes with Anti-Pinch Protection, a smart feature that stops the closing process if it senses anything blocking it—be it an object or a person.

2. Easy Peasy Operation:
Opening and closing your trunk is a breeze! Use your car’s remote or the control switch on the driver’s side. We’ve made it super easy for you.

3. You’re in Control:
Take charge! Whether it’s the driver’s side switch or the trunk’s own controls, you get to decide how to open and close it. It’s all about what works best for you.

4. Extra Safety Boost:
We’ve added a safety sensor that reopens the gate if it spots something in the way. Your safety matters, and this feature adds an extra layer of protection.

5. Tailor to Your Needs:
Customize your trunk door’s height to fit your style. The easy height adjustment feature ensures a personalized experience tailored to your liking.

6. Smooth Operator:
Thanks to Vaccum Suction Motor technology, your trunk door closes smoothly and gently, just like in fancy Electric Lift Gates.

What’s in the Box:

– Electric Hydraulic (2)
– ECU Module (1)
– Treeway Cable (1)
– Unlock Cable (1)
– Vaccum (1)
– Front Switch + Cable (1)
– Rear Trunk Switch (1)
– Hydraulic Body Bracket (2)
– Bolts (4)
– Instruction Manual (1)

With the Automatic Tail Electric Lift Gate, we’re bringing cool innovation to your ride. Don’t miss out on making your driving experience comfier and easier with this awesome tech!


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