Retract Spion Lipat Sienta G Switch (Retract Only)


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Enhance Your Driving Experience with the Retract Spion Lipat Sienta G Switch Ori

Upgrade your Retract Spion Lipat Sienta G Switch Ori, backed by a 1-year warranty. This retractable mirror kit brings the convenience of electrically closing and opening your side mirrors, just like the Sienta G models.

Advanced Mirror Folding Technology

Discover the cutting-edge technology integrated into the Sienta G Retract Kit. With the included additional module, experience the convenience of automatic mirror folding when locking your car’s doors using the built-in remote control. Notably, this advanced feature surpasses the standard factory settings of the Sienta G models.

Say goodbye to worries about your mirrors breaking if accidentally nudged by a motor. Relax and confidently park your car on the roadside, without struggling to manually fold the mirrors when navigating narrow streets.

The comprehensive package includes:
– 2 Pcs Folding Motors + Brackets (Left & Right)
– Cable Set (1 Long Cable + 2 Short Motor Cables)
– Single original Button for Doortrim installation

This kit offers several advantages:
– No need to cut cables
– Resilient against breakage from accidental bumps
– No drilling required
– No modifications needed
– Preserves the integrity of your car’s original mirrors
– Plug and play installation
– Socket-to-socket connectivity

Transforming your Sienta G into a vehicle with advanced mirror functionalities has never been easier. The retractable mirror kit ensures a seamless and user-friendly installation process, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of automatic mirror folding without the hassle of extensive modifications.

Drive confidently, knowing that your investment in Retract Spion Lipat Sienta G Switch Ori is backed by a 1-year warranty. Elevate your driving experience with this innovative solution, making every journey safe, convenient, and tailored to your needs.”


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